The 2009 Directives

These are the Directives as they were originally published in 2009 by the United States Soccer Federation Referee Department. Please note that some information contained in these documents may have changed to some degree since this material was originally created. For the most up to date information, referees should always check both the WNYSRA Referee Resources and the USSF Website.

This information generally comprises the basis of how referees are assessed so it is useful reading for referees about to go through the process. It is in that light that we are making these documents available as they are currently difficult to find on the USSF website. They are all Acrobat documents.

100% Misconduct
AR Involvement
Contact Above the Shoulder
Game Disrepute and Mass Confrontation
The USSF Game Management Model
Handling the Ball
Dealing with Injuries
Free Kick and Restart Management
Managing the Technical Area