Instructions to Referees for the 2017 Season

To: All Referees
From: Art Jaspe, SDA
Date: For the 2017 Season

All referees, Grade 5, 6 and 7 are mandated to be assessed each year at his or her highest level of assignment in order to maintain referee certification at his or her grade level.

It is expected that referees regularly assigned matches at the adult level are to be assessed at that level. All assessments must be on matches that are 90 minutes in length and officiated by a referee and two assistant referees.

If you are required to have an assessment for either maintenance or upgrade for your 2017 referee grade your assessor will be listed along with your requirements for grade on this site. It is your responsibility to get in contact with your assigned assessor. You will be assigned a primary and a secondary assessor. If there is no secondary assessor posted, contact the SDA if it becomes necessary. Please pick the match you wish to have assessed and then ask your assigned assessor to come out and do your assessment.

Remember, the game assessed must challenge your skills at the desired level. You may need to be assessed again if the game does not meet the required challenge in the opinion of the assessor.

If you are required to be assessed and your name does not appear on either the upgrade or maintenance list, please contact the SDA ( as soon as possible!

You pick the game, the assessor does not! 

For example, Joseph Assessor is your assessor and you wish to be assessed on your June 7 match. However, Joseph Assessor is not available; therefore, you can use the other assessor. What do you do if neither is available? You have two options: (a) contact Art Jaspe, SDA and inform him that you have a match and the two assigned assessors are not available and to “please assign me another assessor,” or (b) pick another match and try to make arrangements with your assigned assessor.

Paying the Assessor

You are required to pay the assessor. Let me be very clear – you are NOT required to pay the assessor immediately after the match (i.e. on the field). Your written assessment and the feedback are to be posted within seven days of the game. You are required to pay the assessor within seven days of your receipt of the written feedback. If you pay the assessor on the field and that assessor does not submit the paperwork (i.e. assessment feedback to Art and you) then you NEVER got assessed.

All the best this season!