2011 Regional Youth Competitions
Once again, Western New York referees performed extremely well at the regional and national level.

REGION 1 DIRECTOR’S PREMIER LEAGUE FINALS: Western New York nominated three referees to attend the finals in Kirkwood Delaware. Unfortunately due to cutbacks necessary because of the economic conditions; only two of the three were able to attend. They were Chris Trottier of Rochester and Molly Cunningham of Buffalo. Also nominated was Richard Nolan of Syracuse. Both Molly and Chris were given center assignments in final matches and Chris Trottier was also honored to be invited from the finals to the Region 1 Championships once again lifting the total number of referees WNY was able to send to that competition to 12.

REGION 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS: 12 referees and 2 assessors attended the Region 1 Championships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this year. Assessors attending were Art Jaspe and Joseph Dunn. Referees invited to the tournament were Jaime Lyn Beaty, Rochester; Ian Boyle, Buffalo; William Boyle, Buffalo; Taylor Carr, Syracuse; Jeffrey Cook, Ithaca; Molly Cunningham, Buffalo; Will Edgecomb, Ithaca; Lauren Dearman, Rochester; Stephanie Serrrano, Rochester; Ray Tam, Rochester; Chris Trottier, Rochester and Kyle Smetanka, Elmira. All of our referees were assigned semi-final matches with center assignments in the semis going to William Boyle, U13B; Stephanie Serrano, U17G; Chris Trottier, U15B and Molly Cunningham, U18G.
A very respectable 6 of our 12 attendees were assigned to final matches. They were Jaime Lyn Beaty, Center Referee, U18G; Molly Cunningham, AR1, U19G; Will Edgecomb, AR2, U15G; as well as fourth official assignments going to Stephanie Serrano, U12B; Lauren Deaman, U17G and Chris Trottier on the U18G final.
What truly made this particular regional event a standout performance by our referees were the number of USYSA National Championship appointments which they garnered. Chris Trottier was appointed as a Referee and Molly Cunningham was appointed as an Assistant Referee to the Nationals. Jaime Lyn Beaty was also appointed as a standby Referee to the tournament.

REGION 1 ODP TOURNAMENT: 9 referees and 2 assessors attended the event held the weekend after state cup in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area of New Jersey. Assessors attending were Dick Reif and Angelo Paparo. Referees in attendence were: Jeffrey Cook, Ithaca; Molly Cunningham, Buffalo; Lauren Dearman, Rochester; Mike DiGiacomo, Rochester; Will Edgecomb, Ithaca; Kyle Burke, Elmira; Richard Nolan, Syracuse; Daniil Pikulik, Ithaca and Peter Van Dellon of Rochester. All performed admirably but two definately stood out from the rest. Both Molly Cunningham and Will Edgecomb were invited to do the ODP Finals in Kirkwood, Delaware and of special note; Molly Cunningham was invited to next year’s ODP National Finals in March in Frisco, Texas.

REGION 1 PRESIDENT’S CUP: The WNYSRA sent 6 officials and one assessor to the 2011 President’s Cup in Albany, NY. They were (in alphabetical order): Nicholas Geisler, Ithaca; Chris Mazgaj, Buffalo; Kyle Sauln, Rochester; Jessica Skelly, Buffalo; Kyle Smetanka, Elmira and Ray Tam, Rochester. Michael Tata represented Western New York as an assessor.

REGION 1 ODP CAMP: Once again, Western New York was offered the opportunity to send extra referees to this unique and extremely valuable training camp. In attendence at the University of Rhode Island this summer were Kyle Burke of Elmira, Dan Simich and Michael Simich of Buffalo and Evan Holl of Ithaca. They were each being mentored by USSF National Staff on U16 level girls matches featuring some of the best individual talent in the region.
CHRIS TROTTIER runs down play during a semi-final match at the Region 1 Championships.
MOLLY CUNNINGHAM shows a burst of speed at the ODP Tournament.
JAIME LYN BEATY watching play develop at a match during the Regional Championships.
WILL EDGECOMB enjoys a moment during play at this year's Regional Championships.
Front Row-Left to Right:
Joe Dunn (assessor), Stephanie Serrano, Jaime Lyn Beaty, Lauren Dearman, Molly Cunningham, Hugh Goodrich (NYSW representative and state cup chair).

Back Row-Left to Right:
Art Jaspe (assessor), Ray Tam, Chris Trottier, Kyle Smetanka, William Boyle, Will Edgecomb, Ian Boyle, Taylor Carr, Jeffrey Cook, William Campbell (H.O.D. and SYRA.)
STEPHANIE SERRANO shows she is not afraid of getting deep during a match at the Region 1 Championships.
KYLE SAULN recognizing an obvious advantage situation during the President's Cup.