2013 Regional Youth Competitions
In an effort that has never been paralleled, Western New York Referees culminated the year at regionals with an astounding performance at all of the competitions; but most notabl, at the regional championships and USYSA Nationals where 3 WNYSRA referees were invited to what is arguably the most prestigious event in youth soccer in the United States.

REGION 1 ODP CAMP: Western New York sent four referees to this training camp for up and coming referees. In attendance at the University of Rhode Island this summer were Keri Kephart and Amanda Forbes of Rochester, Brigid St. Leger of Syracuse and Ellena Holl of the Ithaca District. The referees who attended were mentored by USSF National Staff on U16 level girls matches featuring some of the best individual talent in the region.

REGION 1 PRESIDENT’S CUP: WNYSRA sent one official and one assessor to the 2013 President’s Cup in Manchester, NH. The official was Cody Semrau of Rochester and the assessor was Sam Akinbami of Buffalo.

REGION 1 ODP TOURNAMENT: 9 referees and 2 assessors attended the event held the weekend after state cup in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area of New Jersey. Assessors attending were Dick Reif and John Kramer. Referees in attendance were: Mackenzie App, Syracuse; Michael Boltri, Buffalo; Casey Byrne, Ithaca; Amanda Forbes, Rochester; Ellena Holl, Ithaca; Gregory Irwin, Rochester; Charles Loweecey, Buffalo; Antonio Triana, Ithaca and Nicholas Wodo, Buffalo. Of special note was Gregory Irwin who was invited to officiate at the Region 1 Finals in Kirkwood, DE because he did such a great job at the Regional ODP tournament.

REGION 1 DIRECTOR’S PREMIER LEAGUE FINALS: Western New York nominated two referees to attend the finals in Kirkwood Delaware. They were Rabee Naji of Buffalo and Jeffrey Cook of Ithaca.

REGION 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS: 13 referees and 2 assessors attended the Region 1 Championships at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. Assessors attending were Art Jaspe and Dick Reif. Referees invited to the tournament were Michael Boltri, Buffalo; Nicholas Buscaglia, Buffalo; Jeffrey Cook, Ithaca; Jason Cutler, Buffalo; Lauren Dearman, ROchester; Evan Holl, Ithaca; Gregory Irwin, Rochester; Keri Kephart, Rochester; Rabee Naji, Buffalo; Samantha Randall, Ithaca; Jenna Tobias, Ithaca; Anthony Visconti, Rochester and Nicholas Wodo of Buffalo.
All of our referees were assigned semi-final matches with five center assignments in the semis going to Anthony Visconti, U19G; Greg Irwin, U17B; Michael Boltri, U15B; Samantha Randall, U12G Full Sided and Keri Kephart, U12G Small Sided.
An unbelieveable 10 of our 13 attendees were assigned to final matches. They were Rabee Naji, U17B, Center; Lauren Dearman, U16G, Center; Nick Wodo, U13 Boys, Center; Michael Boltri, U17B, 4th; Anthony Visconti, U16B, AR1; Greg Irwin, U14B, AR1; Samantha Randall, U14G, AR1; Jenna Tobias, U14G, 4th; Nick Buscaglia, U13G, AR1 and Keri Kephart, U12G, AR1. This is particularly remarkable when you realize that only 48% of the officials at the tournament had final games!

To cap off this remarkable week, we had 3 referees and one alternate invited to the national championships. They were Lauren Dearman, Antony Visconti and Rabee Naji with Greg Irwin being named as an alternate to the tournament. The entire State Referee Committee is very proud of these officials and if you see any of them you should congratulate them on a job very well done.

Left to Right:
Curt Regruit (NYSW 1st VP and Regional Rep), William Campbell (H.O.D. and SYRA), Dick Reif (Assessor), Michael Boltri, Evan Holl, Keri Kephart, Jenna Tobias, Greg Irwin, Samantha Randall, Nick Buscaglia, Jason Cutler, Nick Wodo, Rabee Naji, Lauren Dearman, Jeffrey Cook, Anthony Visconti, Art Jaspe (SDA, WNYSRA and Assessor), Cathy Jaspe and Hugh Goodrich (NYSW State Cup Chair).
LAUREN DEARMAN keeps her eye on play while keeping a firm grip on her whistle.
GREG IRWIN reminds a player about what is important during a match at the Regional Finals.
NICK WODO being chased by admirers during a match at the Regional Finals.
SAMANTHA RANDALL (AR1)and JENNA TOBIAS (4th) support each other during a final match at the Regional Finals.
MACKENZIE APP checks out the play inside the penalty area during a match at the ODP Tournament.
RABEE NAJI has a quick word with a player during a particularly contentious match at the Regional Finals.
ANTHONY VISCONTI intervenes during a match at the Regional Finals.
KERI KEPHART gets into the middle of it during the Regional Finals.
MICHAEL BOLTRI follows play during the Regional Fnals.
ELLENA HOLL watches as the ball approaches during a match at the ODP Tournament.