2010 Regional Youth Competitions
Dick Reif, Mike Ertel, Nick Geisler, Will Edgecomb, Taylor Carr, William Boyle, Phil Cunningham, Ray Tam. FRONT ROW: Hugh Goodrich (NYSW Rep), Ellen Krasniak, Molly Cunningham, Casey Byrne, Samantha Randall, Amanda Ross, Art Jaspe.
REGION 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS: 12 referees and 2 assessors (Dick Reif and Art Jaspe) attended the championship tournament in West Virginia this year and once again our officials performed with excellence. In attendance for the referees were (alphabetical order): William Boyle, Buffalo; Casey Byrne, Ithaca; Taylor Carr, Syracuse; Molly Cunningham, Buffalo; Phil Cunningham, Buffalo; Will Edgecomb, Ithaca; Mike Ertel, Buffalo; Nicholas Geisler, Ithaca; Ellen Krasniak, Binghamton; Samantha Randall, Ithaca; Amanda Ross, Syracuse and Ray Tam of Rochester. Three of the twelve referees were honored with semi-final center assignments. They were Samantha Randall, U12 Girls 8v8; Ellen Krasniak, U13 Girls; and Molly Cunningham, U15 Girls. Also, an incredible 8 of our 12 referees were assigned final matches. They were Ellen Krasniak, fourth official, U15 Girls; Samantha Randall, 4th official, Under 13 Girls; Will Edgecomb, 4th official, Under 13 Boys; Amanda Ross, AR1, Under 12 Boys; William Boyle, 4th official, Under 14 Girls; Ray Tam, AR 1, Under 13 Boys; Molly Cunningham, AR2, Under 17 Girls and Phil Cunningham, Center, Under 17 Boys. Of special note were Phil Cunningham, who was invited to attend the National Championships as a referee and Molly Cunningham who was an alternate to the national championships as an Assistant Referee. Ashley Cedro of Buffalo was also invited back to the national championships because of her performance in last year’s national championship tournament.
<PHIL CUNNINGHAM during his Regional Championships Final Match.

MOLLY CUNNINGHAM centering a preliminary Region 1 Championships match.>

REGION 1 ODP TOURNAMENT: Once again, 9 referees and 2 assessors attended the ODP Tournament held in Lawrenceville, NJ the weekend after the NYSW State Cup. Angelo Paparo and Dick Reif attended from our assessor pool. The referees in attendance were Ellen Krasniak of Binghamton, Ian Boyle, Jordan Troisi, Mike Ertel of Buffalo; Jeffrey Cook, Will Edgecomb of Ithaca and Chris Trottier, Jaime Lynn Beaty and Kyle Sauln of Rochester. Two of these referees, Chris Trottier and Jaime Lynn Beaty were invited to the Regional ODP Finals.
<RAY TAM (AR1) and WILL EDGECOMB (4th) watch play approach the touchline during their Region 1 Championships Final match.

on the run during a preliminary Region 1 Championships match.

REGION I PRESIDENT’S CUP: Western New York sent 10 referees and one mentor to the Regional President’s Cup finals near Albany, NY. Our mentor was Daniel Roark, our newly appointed coordinator of referee development who attended to get some ideas from the region 1 referee committee about mentoring techniques. The referees who attended were Michael Barbuto and Taylor Carr of Syracuse, Jaime Lynn Beaty and Raymond Tam of Rochester, Casey Byrne from Ithaca, Kyle Smetanka of Elmira, and Molly Cunningham, Mike Ertel, Chris Mazgaj and David Monroe all from Buffalo. Of special note, Molly Cunningham was invited to officiate at the President’s Cup finals held in mid-July in Tennessee because of her excellent performance at the Regional finals.
REGION 1 DIRECTOR’S LEAGUE FINALS: Each year, 3 referees who work Director’s League matches on a regular basis are invited to the Director’s League Finals in Kirkwood, DE. This year; Phil Cunningham, Ian Boyle and William Boyle all of Buffalo; officiated these premier regional level matches. While all three performed well, Phil Cunningham was chosen to represent the Director’s league at the Regional Championships. This appointment, once again this year, elevated the number of Western New York Referees at the Regional Championships to 12 referees.

REGION 1 ODP CAMP: In many past years we have had difficulty finding people to attend this very valuable camp. We are normally asked to send 2 referees to the girls camp held in July at the University of Rhode Island. For the last 2 years, we were unable to find qualified referees who wanted to attend. We literally had referees lined up for the opportunity this year and when the Region I referee coordinator of the camp asked if we could send more people, 5 young referees who wanted to learn from some of the best instructors and assessors that National has to offer jumped at the chance. They were Rick Nolan and Taylor Carr, both from the Syracuse District; Samantha Randall and Jeffrey Cook of the Ithaca District and Kyle Burke of the Elmira District. Of special note, Kyle Burke and Rick Nolan were assigned their first international match between a United States ODP team and a Russian national girls team.

SAMANTHA RANDALL watches play during a preliminary round Region 1 Championships match.
WILLIAM BOYLE gets a particularly good look at play as it approaches at the Region 1 Championships.