2009 Regional Youth Competitions
We have had an extremely successful year as officials at Regional and National Competitions. At the ODP Tournament, held in June at Rider College, Lawrenceville, NJ; 9 of our most promising young referees were honored with assignments. They were William Edgecomb of Ithaca, Molly Cunningham of Buffalo, Michael Ertel of Buffalo, Taylor Carr of Rochester, Ray Tam of Rochester, Kyle Smetanka of Elmira, D. Andrew Kubena of Buffalo, Jaimi Lyn Beaty of Rochester and Stephanie McKay of Rochester. From that competition, Stephanie McKay was invited to the ODP Regional Finals and from there to the National ODP finals to be held in March of 2010.

At the Region 1 Championships, perhaps our youngest group of officials to ever attend found honors awaiting them in West Virginia. Attendees were Casey Byrne of Ithaca, Molly Cunningham of Buffalo, Phil Cunningham of Buffalo, William Edgecomb of Ithaca, Ashley Cedro of Buffalo, Michael Ertel of Buffalo, Nicholas Geisler of Ithaca, David Monroe of Buffalo, Brian Morgan of Rochester, Ray Tam of Rochester, Chris Trottier of Rochester, and Samantha Randall of Ithaca.

Western New York had all of our officials appointed to semi-final matches and four of them were given center assignments. Officials working centers in the semis were Chris Trottier (Under 16 Girls), Phil Cunningham (Under 14 Boys), Molly Cunningham (Under 12 Girls 11v11) and Samantha Randall (Under 12 Girls 8v8).

Remarkably, 7 of the 12 also received final assignments. Those were Ashley Cedro (Under 19 Girls-Center), Chris Trottier (Under 17 Boys-AR2), Nicholas Geisler (Under 14 Boys-AR2), Molly Cunningham (Under 12 Girls 11v11-AR2), Samantha Randall (Under 12 Boys 8v8, AR1), Casey Byrne (Under 12 Boys 8v8, AR2), and Will Edgecomb (Under 12 Boys 8v8, 4th Official).

Of special note were the national championship appointments earned by our referees. Ashley Cedro attended the National Championships as a Referee and Chris Trottier attended as an Assistant Referee.As you see each of these young referees, please congratulate them. You will also find that many of them have some really great stories to share!

<ASHLEY CEDRO following play during a regional preliminary match.
during her final game at the Region 1 ODP Tournament.
on the line during his Regional Final match.
follows a breakaway during her Region 1 Championship Final match.
watching play during the ODP Tournament.
leaves the field as the winning team celebrates a win after Kicks from the Mark on her regional semi-final match.
directing traffic at a preliminary Regional Championships match.
in traffic during a preliminary Regional Championships match.
REGION 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS: (left to right) Hugh Goodrich (NYSW State Cup Chair), Casey Bryne, Brian Morgan, Nick Geisler, Samantha Randall, David Monroe, Will Edgecomb, Molly Cunningham, Phil Cunningham, Ashley Cedro, Bill Campbell (SYRA-HOD), Art Jaspe (SDA-Assessor). Not pictured (because they were in other parts of the 3 state area doing makeup games due to the weather) Mike Ertel, Ray Tam, Chris Trottier and Joe Dunn (Assessor).
<NICK GEISLER enforces his decision during play on a Region 1 Championships Preliminary match.
explaining Throw-Ins at the Regional Championships.