What is Recertification?

Each year, usually in March, the International Football Association Board meets to discuss changes that need to be made to the Laws of the Game. The changes that they agree upon are brought into effect for high level competitions on July 1 of each year. These changes typically do not take place in lower level competitions (youth and amateur adult matches) until the next calendar year. This is why, as a referee, your knowledge of the Laws is only "certified" for one year at a time. The primary goal of the recertification process is to certify your knowledge of the laws in each year-bringing you up to date with the changes that have taken place over the previous year and to be certain that you still meet the requirements of your grade each year.

Recertification also provides you and the matches you officiate with several other advantages though.

First, as the state and local referee committees receive feedback from the leagues that we service, assessors, mentors, assignors and instructors on problems that have been noticed over the prior year; the recertification classes allow us to present instruction on how to better handle such situations.

Secondly, these classes allow us to present some instruction that as a referee, you might not get until you decide to upgrade or attend a higher level class.

Third, these classes allow you to ask any question that you may have as a referee; bring up a situation you have seen over the previous year and weren't certain you handled it correctly or, something that you are not certain you understand from the laws.

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