Upgrade Process-Grade 8 Referee to Grade 7 Referee

There are five steps that a referee needs to take in order to upgrade from a Grade 8 referee to a Grade 7 referee. They are:

1. Apply for the Upgrade
2. Assessment
3. Instruction
4. Fitness Test Performance
5. Written Test Performance

Here is a quick breakdown of each requirement aloong with when and what is expected.

Step When it needs to be done More Information
1. Apply for the Upgrade By March 1 of each year in order to be considered in that year. Click to download the form in either a fillable Acrobat Format or in Microsoft Word. This form can then be emailed to the State Referee Administrator when it is completed. NOTE: It must be signed by a person who is either a member of the SRC, an assignor, instructor or assessor.

PLEASE NOTE: USSF has two major requirements of a grade 7 referee. You must be at least 17 years old when you upgrade AND must have at least 75 referee and 25 assistant referee assignments on USSF outdoor affiliated matches. IF you do not meet that criteria, please fill out the form anyway! Your name will be given to all state assignors who will assure that you gain sufficient experience in the year that you apply so that you can be put on the assessment list for the following year. This is NOT to hold you back but to assure that you can pass the assessment requirements when you are finally ready to upgrade in the following year.

2. Assessment Before the end of the year prior to your upgrade. You must pass an assessment as the referee on an Under 17 or higher match.

If you fail the assessment, then you must pass one more assessment at that level to make up for the one you failed AND pass another assessment at that level in order to upgrade. For this reason, we STRONGLY urge you to request a developmental assessment on a similar match prior to your upgrade assessment. You can either arrange this with your local district, with any assessor, or by sending an e-mail to
Art Jaspe, the State Director of Assessment.

3. Instruction Appropriate classroom training is required before an upgrade is completed. We have set “fixed dates” for the clinics so that upgrade candidates can plan accordingly. The Grade 7 and State Referee Upgrade Clinics will be held in Rochester on the third Saturday of March. Both are eight hour courses, so you should plan to attend the necessary clinic and reserve the date.

You must attend a Grade 7 Referee Clinic (8 hours).

The Grade 7 Upgrade Clinic will be conducted every year. Those upgrading to Grade 7 must attend the clinic being held in the year of their upgrade or in the prior year. For example, a referee upgrading to Grade 7 in 2016 may attend the clinic in 2015 or 2016.

Specific dates and locations will be posted on Game Officials when available.
4. Fitness Test Performance Before your upgrade can go into effect. For details about fitness testing, contact your DRA.

5. Written Test Performance When you recertify for your new grade. You must be able to score at least an 80% on the Grade 7 Upgrade test. If that test is not an option when you sign up for a clinic, contact your local district referee administrator for assistance.

Once you have completed ALL of the requirements, please send an e-mail message to Michael Tata, the State Referee Administrator so that your upgrade will be put into effect.