Introduction to the Upgrade Process

Referees might desire to upgrade their referee grade for many different reasons. Perhaps you want better games... perhaps you want to become an assessor or instructor... maybe your aspirations are higher than that... to become a National or FIFA referee. The Western New York State Referee Association is committed to helping you get through the process no matter what your reasoning may be.

For a document that explains EVERYTHING as far as referee grade requirements, Click Here!

In order for us to assist you in the least confusing manner, please select the situation which applies to you either from the Instructions menu above OR from the list below:

I am... …and I want to be... … then...
a Grade 9 Recreational Youth Referee a Grade 8 Referee Click Here!
a Grade 8 Referee a Grade 7 Referee Click Here!
a Grade 7 Referee a Grade 6 Referee Click Here!
a Referee an Instructor Click Here!
a Referee an Assessor Click Here!
a Human Being an Assignor Click Here!
If you are an Assessor and wish to upgrade, contact Art Jaspe, SDA.
If you are an Instructor and wish to upgrade, contact Thomas Ross, SDI.

If you don't see your situation above, please contact Michael Tata, State Referee Administrator.